The landscape for education has been rapidly changing in the last few years. Continued breakthrough in technology has redefined the entire teaching and learning process. In an attempt to revamp the education system, CBSE has also introduced Artificial Intelligence as an optional skill subject.

We at SNEH International School understand and welcome this inevitable change to move towards a more connected world. Smart classrooms are making lessons more interactive and encouraging more pupil participation. Teachers have now the ability to access additional resources online and making lessons personalized using games, music and e – books to support the lessons.

3D laboratory in the school gives them real time experiences and gamification has turned the learning process into a lot more engaging and fun. This edtech trend improves concentration level and retention power of the students STEAM (Stem, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) in ATAL Tinkering laboratory of the school encourages students at every age to think deeply so that they can get a chance to become innovators who can solve the most pressing challenges in future.

Artificial Intelligence can change the world for the better by creating new health care solutions, to designing, improving farming and food supply, cleaning our oceans, air and water supply and creating more jobs. In the present times, the students can opt for diverse career paths, due to technological advancement in various sectors. Need for the hour is that they focus on their passions be it music, dance or any other creative art form and simultaneously make us of technology to update themselves.

Along with technology in hand comes a greater responsibility. Parents and teachers should join hands to monitor the excessive exposure to technology amongst children since it has some negative effects also. It can result in social isolation, violent games and videos can kill empathy and physical, mental health of a child also suffers. If being misused the vulnerable children become the victims of cyber bullying. Personal information can be obtained by hackers and then misused, but the biggest challenge for all of us is how can we prepare our students to succeed in an increasingly automated artificial intelligence driven world?

We need to educate our students starting at an early age about how to not just be consumers of AI but creators. For this, they need the encouragement for critical and creative thinking environment, both at home and in the classrooms. Critical analysis will foster solutions to community problems and creative ideas can bring about unique designing processes. We as parents and teachers need to generate interest, infuse enthusiasm in young minds so that we can nurture their innovative ideas for success in a rapidly evolving future.

Mrs. Alka Mathur

( Director Strategic Planning )