As we celebrate 75 glorious years of independence, we must appreciate the very essence of freedom and equip ourselves with the skills required for nation building. Only when one is free from the barriers outside and within too, can we call ourselves the citizens of a free nation. Education is the only medium which can help the generation next in overcoming hurdles of not only present times but also of the future. Times are changing rapidly and it is imperative for the teaching learning process to adapt and modify accordingly.

A fundamental point to start for all the stakeholders of the school is to understand the right purpose behind education. Education can never be just about attaining good marks or getting employment. These can be by-products of good education but real purpose of education is to enhance student’s creativity, invention, personality and equip them with skills required for the future. It is essential for the teachers to identify and specify the attributes that the learners will be able to gain at the end of a learning process. The objective of the teaching-learning process for both the teachers and taught should be to enable the learners to assimilate and create new information on their own. With initiatives like MADE IN INDIA, Atma Nirbhar Bharat etc. of the Indian Government, the teachers will have to align themselves with the vision of the country and work in unison with the parents to create future entrepreneurs.

Role of parents in the education of their ward is too of great importance. Parents have a direct impact on the child’s learning. Children ape their parents in all respects which makes parents even more responsible for being mindful of their words and conduct. It is the responsibility of the parents to provide a conducive environment for the development of their child at home. Developing self learning habit is a practice that must necessarily be encouraged by the parents for boosting creativity and imagination of a child. Parents and teachers can together create a self motivated intelligent learning environment for the students, enabling them to flourish and develop interest in research and development; thus serving the nation in innovation.

India’s goals for Atma Nirbhar Bharat will receive a big push with National Education Policy getting implemented, enabling us as a nation to take full advantage of our intellectual capabilities. There is a need for us to exploit our nation’s potential in research, science, humanities and other fields, the foundation of which has to be built in schools.

Ms. Komal