The enigma of life is not easy to understand or unravel. Was it only 2 years ago that we wondered will we ever return to normalcy? The spectre of Covid-19 loomed large over us and we thought we would never again live as we had done earlier but the miracle has happened, and we are back to what we can call “normal” schools and other institutions have reopened and we no longer work online or virtually.

School is full of the young, and their beautiful chatter and laughter echoes through the corridors. We are celebrating our freedom, sickness and loss of life, and it adds flavor to the celebrations of our nation turning 75. Yes, we are a young & vibrant nation and are fast reaching the top in many fields, especially education and technology.

At present we have launched out to do new things, to experiment, to remedy problems, to find solutions, to pioneer, to take great strides for man-kind our students are a part of this new India that is being built. We want them attempt bigger and better goals, to gain better and bigger results, take greater steps for greater success. I wish all at SNEH-success in all we do.

Mrs. Kamlesh R Jacob

( Director Manager )