Activities are the core, the basis by which education is to be imparted at our school. The learning of the child is not to be gauged by just how knowledgeable he/she is at the end of the schooling but by how competent, reflective and creative he/she is. Students are equally encouraged to be artists, musicians and sports-persons, as they are prepared to become doctors, engineers and bureaucrats as well.

Activity based teaching learning has been planned for each level. As far as possible, activities are also integrated with learning experiences in the actual world.

While planning the school curriculum, emphasis has been placed on activities for the pre-primary (upto K.G), lower primary (class I-V), and upper primary (class VI- VIII). For the secondary and the senior secondary, prepared material is available according to the guidelines of the CBSE and the NCERT. The suggested activities in these guidelines have also been incorporated at the lower levels, wherever feasible, keeping the age group of the student in mind.

Co-curricular activities such as Atal Tinkering, Artificial Intelligence, English Communication & Writing, French Cultural Activities, Ecology, Astronomy, Codecademy, Robotics, Skating, Archery, Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Football, Yoga, Flute Band, Sculpture & Clay Modeling, Band (Bagpiper),Dance (Indian Classical & Western), Music (Indian, Western & Instrumental) , Theatre and Art & Craft have been incorporated into the syllabus so young ones develop their expression and build up a positive self-image. To give a healthy competitive edge, various competitions such as in Dance, Drawing and Painting, Recitation, Story Telling, Sports and other fields are regularly planned. These competitions go a long way in helping students to identify and showcase their talents and hobbies and to become confident of their abilities. Spirit and fervour for learning has been added by celebrating various occasions and festivals such as Mother’s day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Teacher’s Day, Raksha Bandhan, Janamashtmi, Dussehra, , Diwali, Christmas, Gandhi Jayanti, Earth Day and many more. This way SNEH students grow up to appreciate the rich culture, tradition and literary heritage of our country, and will learn to respect all religions. They will also learn to work as a team and develop the skill of planning and organizing functions and events.

From time to time, the school also organizes Educational Excursions and Field trips so learning is life based and enjoyable.

The curriculum itself is designed so it is open to the fast changing need of Generation Next.