English Medium Co-Educational Sr.Sec.School, affiliated with CBSE
1. What is the admission criterion?

SNEH International School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in its admission procedures.

2. What are the different levels at which the admissions are done?

The admissions are done at two levels:

Level I: Admission in Pre-School (Nursery) Class
Level II: Admission in Classes IX and XI

3. What is the admission procedure in your school?

Pre-School (Nursery) admissions are done as per the guidelines issued by the Directorate of Education, Govt. of NCT Delhi.
Admissions in Classes IX and XI are purely done on merit basis.

4. What are the streams available in class XI?
English English English English
Physics Physics Accountancy History
Chemistry Chemistry Business Studies Geography/I.P
Biology Maths Economics Maths/PHE
Maths/ PHE/Psychology C.Sc./PHE/Economics Maths/ PHE/Psychology Economics/Psychology
5. What is the motto of the school?

We encourage our students to become creative, compassionate, committed and confident.

6. What is the teacher and taught ratio in the class?

Level I: 1:25
Level II: 1:35

7. What kind of sports facilities does your school provide?

Students have been given ample opportunity to exert themselves and to ‘sweat it out’ when in the play field, on the tracks or in the pitch. Outdoor sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Football, Badminton, cricket, Throw Ball, Taekwondo, Skating, Archery, and Gymnastics are there for the students. Regular exercising, marching, calisthenics and use of dumbbells, laziums, rings, hooplas, and other objects for drill displays have been incorporated in the curriculum.

8. What is the role of your school in promoting the flair for science and technology
   among school children?

The school

  • Insists on the experiential learning.
  • Provides exposure.
  • Has an Innovation and Scientific Research Club and Robotics which provides a platform for the
       children to study and explore.
  • Organizes seminars, symposiums, power point presentations and quizzes.

9. How do you impart the value education in your school?

Value education is incorporated in the school curriculum. It is inculcated by:

  • Teaching children to respect all religions and cultures.
  • Encouraging children to be vocal about their opinions.
  • Helping them explore the possibility for solutions through group discussions.
  • Arranging field trips and visits to orphanage, aged home, and involving them in community services
       through interactive classes with the concerned groups.