Communications & IT Lab

Communications and Information Technology Lab

In the present times, knowledge cannot be confined to textbooks. We are a part of the world where education goes beyond school books. Our school comprehends the current trend and believes in leaving no stone unturned to educate its learners in all areas. We realize the worth of electronically supported learning and teaching. We have information and communication systems to assist learning. Our computers are all high-quality LED Screen units with ancillary printers and carefully monitored and filtered internet connectivity. We spare no effort to prepare our learners for the global society and IT driven world.

Computer Lab

SNEH International takes pride in the fact that it has two very high tech labs with internet connectivity, electronic white-boards, digital projection, audio-visual systems and a variety of hardware to enhance the quality and depth of learning for the students and also for the teachers.Each lab comprises of 36 systems.

Interactive Website

The school has successfully integrated computerized processes of administration, be it for preparation of report cards, fee-slips, communicating with parents, managing the school finances etc.

Each parent is provided with a login id to view daily circulars, homework etc. The school website contributes immensely in the dispersion of information and interactive communication capabilities.